What Is It About Adult Backlinks? Why Are They Needed For Adult SEO?

Living in today's world, there is no hiding away form the Internet, may it be information browsing, daily news reading, entertainment searching, and so on, therefore, as everything now can be done and will be done thru Internet as a platform, the adult entertainment industry has also joined in the trend and received phenomenal growth, thank you to the web world. 

What was once thought to be shameful having others find out you are browsing through an adult's website, is now, as said in the beginning, different. The world has evolved, and so has the recognition of people. Scrolling through adult sites is no more usual than any other commercial sites that exists on the Internet. With the increasing consumption and needs for escorts, sex toys, erotic contents, and more, competition has bloomed, therefore, resulting also in the blossoming of adult SEO services. 

Adult business site owners are trying with all their efforts in making their sites stand-out from the crowd. A professional and experienced adult SEO service provider is definitely what they are looking for to achieve the ultimate goal of out-running all their competitors in the web world. A successful adult SEO practitioner knows how to use the right adult backlinks to escalate their client’s sites to the top of ranking without hitting on any grey areas of the search engines algorithms, eliminating any risk of being penalized.

So, What Are Backlinks?

Since adult backlinks takes up a crucial role in hiving a site appearing on the top rankings, let us first have a bit of insight on what “backlinks” are. “External links”, or “inbound links” are two other names for backlinks, and they stand for links on one page linking to another page or site. When implementing SEO strategies, once you are able to build up high quality backlinks from your site to a high domain authority site, then you are being backed up by them, like built trust with them. For an adult site to get ranked high in the SERPs, you will have to get a high number of backlinks from the same niche. 

Keys to Creating Adult Backlinks

    Creating a Profile
Start with creating a clear profile on your adult site.

    Commenting
Making comments on any relevant contents, such as articles, forums or videos, but before doing so, it is always important to take a skimp through the contents as to make sure of itsrelevancy.

    Infographics
Most audiences enjoy taking in simple, clear information, therefore, simple, responsive and creative infographics would sometimes be more attractive for pulling traffics to your site.

    Check on the Competitors
When it comes to the competitors, we are talking about the competitors that exists in your niche, as well as the competitors that exists in the adult SEO industry. It is also wise to see what your competitors are doing, take in the things that they are doing right, and avoid the bumps that they have gone thru. 

    Content
Be original, creative, and most of all, relevant. Aside from this, to achieve a better effect, do not be lazy. Make sure to upload high quality contents regularly so as to remind the search engines that you exist and active. 

With contents, it means anything from photos, videos, to articles. Statistics show     that a site with mixed content backlinks works better as the various contents can have the site take advantage from all different angles in the niche. 

Different Type of Backlinks

    DoFollow Links
These are links that allow search engines to link back to your site or blog. While these links are posted on your adult site, they can point back to you, resulting in the trust and enhancing your authority by showing the search engines that other sites, blogs with high reputation are linking to you. 

With adult niche, having porn backlinks inserted on your site works magic. These links will produce lots of “link jiuce”, traffic to your site. 

    NoFollow Links
These are links which do not pass as trusted resources to the website they are linking to. When making a nofollow link, add rel=”nofollow” to the code when linking to a website.

These links were considered to be of no use to SEO, but starting from 2019, Google algorithm has included them as somewhat useful references and can directly affect ranking on the SERPs. 

    Sponsored/Paid Links
With this type of links, you have to pay to get them. Like nofollow links, when making sponsored links, a code rel= ”sponsored” will be visible to the search engines, informing them of the link type.  

What sponsoring means is that bloggers and influencers are paid to write up a comment or review on the products or contents on your adult site. The price ranges from just a few dollars to a few hundreds, or more, depending on the reputation or level of influence. 

Importance of Adult Backlinks

Adult backlinks are a key factor to adult SEO, below are a few main areas that these backlinks contribute towards.

    Ranking
Ranking at the top five placements on any search engine is the door to at least 70% of traffic flow for any site owners. Good ranking can be achieved with having a good number of backlinks. With these links, the adult site gets votes of trust and confidence, thus increase authority. 

    Referral Traffic
Dating backlinks, links that you can click on that point back to your site. Once a viewer clicks on the link, it automatically adds referral traffic to your site.

    Visibility
The more your site has been linked to different pages, the more viewers would tend to go back for new links, increasing popularity for your adult site. As search engines tend to revisit popular sites more often, you site will be more visible to them if you have more adult backlinks from popular pages. 

    High Domain Authority
With search engines and SEO, high domain authority is considered an important factor to measure whether your site, or namely your business is trustworthy on the Internet. Therefore, having regular adult backlinks form popular sites could work wonders for your own. 

Having said so much, it is obvious that there exists a close relationship between adult sites with high ranking and quality backlinks. It has been proven that backlinking is an essential factor to Adul SEO and has a great deal of influence on the growth of your website.